Win at Roulette

Since the invention of roulette, gamblers have dreamt of beating the roulette table. Theoretically, this is not possible as its a game of chance with a negative expectation. The payout of European roulette is 97.3%, so on average every spin you lose 2.7% of you stake. Over the course of a night you will more than likely lose all your bankroll.

People have invented various staking systems but the simple fact is that you cannot change the odds by using a staking system. You only change the payouts and risk. Basically, some staking systems rarely lose but when they do, they wipe you out. The best of example of this is the Martingale. You can actually be up in the short run quite easily. Its just that run of ruin will hit you at some point.

Online roulette is practically impossible to beat. The only chance you have is bias random number generator but this is highly unlikely to happen. The casino and their software vendors take great care over their random number generators (RNGs) as an bias would be extremely costly.

The best strategy for online roulette is not to play but if you do, then work out how much you are willing to lose and just wager that on an even number bet (red/black, odd/even or high/low). You’ll either double up or go bust. With only playing the single game your bankroll will not get worn down by the house edge.

In the land casino, it is possible to beat roulette by mechanical means. On a physical roulette table game, you are allowed to place bets after the ball has began to spin. Bets only stop when the croupier calls ‘no more bets’. There are roulette machines that can predict the outcome of a roulette spin, based on the measurements of the velocity of the ball just before the ‘no more bets’ is called. This is accurate to 2-3 numbers either side. You can get round the problem of having to place chips all around the table by using neighbours bets. The most famous case of this was the Ritz casino team. They actually got to keep the million pounds they won too.

Another story of someone winning at a physical roulette table is Norman Leigh in France. Basically, he had a system called the Reverse Labouchere. It works by starting small and increasing your bet after every win. Most of the time you will lose but when the system pays out, it covers all the losses. Thats the theory anyway. Some people doubt Leigh’s account. You can read about it in his book, 13 against the bank.

Its not all doom and gloom for online roulette players. You do get the occasional big winner, for example, if you check out the Betvictor Casino, you will regularly see the big winners of the month list comprising of a few roulette players. They’ll just never show you the biggest losers which I can imagine contains a lot more!